Cool Story Bro Tell It Again

By giggamusic

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Cool Story Bro Tell it Again

Cool Story Bro Tell it Again Sweatshirt

“Cool Story, Bro Tell it again” is a popular meme derived from “Cool Story Bro” used to make fun of thread posts, stories, and general comments that are really boring and lengthy. Nobody knows where it really started,howeverthere are of course theories on its origin.

The comic book Incredible Hercules #122 by Marvel comics is widely to believed as the beginning for “Cool Story Bro”. From there it was spread via chat rooms, message boards and social media. 4chan is a prevalent place where become an internet staple.

  • Urban A phrase sarcastically used to indicate one’s disgust or indifference towards a tl;dr (too long, didn’t read) story.
  • Know your “Cool Story, Bro” is a popular catchphrase / image macro used as a sarcastic response to to thread posts, trolls and general comments that are deemed boring, pointless or just too long to read.
  • “Cool story bro” is a phrase/image macro used to reply to a tl;dr  or otherwise unreadable piece of writing.

There are other meanings also and actually sometimes “Cool Story Bro Tell It Again” actually means it was a cool story. Who would have thought ?

Cool Story Bro Tell it again Video Blog

Check out this “Cool Story Bro Tell It Again” video from our Video Blog. Hilarious !

Variations of Cool Story Bro

As with all memes, variations on the theme grow wildly and the images on the web are numerous. With all great images come really cool products.
“Cool Story Bro Tell it again” is our favorite variation on Cool Story Bro. Probably a little bit more sarcastic by letting the infamous storyteller know how incredibly exciting his or her story actually was.

Why, well if  Cool Story Bro doesn’t get them crazy then asking them to tell it again will simply drive them over the edge.

You want to crack up, check out some of these variations on the  “Cool Story Bro Tell It Again”  theme.

Cool Story Bro Tell It Again

Cool Story Bro Tell it Again

  • Australian: Grouse Yarn, Mate !
  • Black: Bitchin Rap, Nigga !
  • College: Astonishing Theory professor !
  • Reggae: Killer Lowdown Brah !
  • Pirate: Fine Tale Matey !

From there, we of course have many choices.

Cool Story Bro Do Tell Again, Cool Story Mom, Cool Story Dad, Cool Story Barack and Cool Story Babe.

Now Cool Story Babe has some great ones associated with it.

How about “Cool Story Babe, now go make me a sandwich“.  That one cracks me up.

Cool Story Bro Tell it again T-shirts

Cool Story Bro
tell it again t-Shirts

More Cool Story Bro Designs

What else we got ?

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I know, I know….. Cool Story Bro Tell it again !